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Private terrace garden 

Area – 4,770 sq.ft ​A private terrace garden situated above a busy bazaar, encompassing a playground for children and an equipped gymnasium connected by pathways with lush soothing greenery .​The aim of the design was to create a safe outdoor experience for a family, while taking into account the pandemic scenario. The aim was achieved by creating a semi-enclosed gym on one end and a tensile roof covered play area on the other and harmoniously connecting both spaces through pathways acting as cycling path for the child and walking path for the parents. These pathways are bounded by shrubs which add strong aesthetics while not creating any visual barriers between parent and child. The design is child-safe and also maintains privacy by employing trellises and green walls along the boundary, which act as visual buffers from the surrounding.​Locally available indigenous plant varieties which require less water supply were used and self-irrigation methods were applied to reduce manual work.

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