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Aarush supermarket

AREA - 30,100 sq.ft​Interior design of a Supermarket by incorporating unique and harmonizing design elements, showcased via a variety of spaces within the structure.​The aim was to create a neat & simple inviting space signifying warmth, as opposed to the standard interiors of regular supermarkets. Locally available materials, neutral color tones, subtle lighting & natural wood finish, were all used to create such a clean & cost-effective design.​The approach begins with a baggage drop counter in the entrance, flowing into a bakery, grocery store and a departmental store in the ground floor and a luxurious space for fancy items and cosmetic items on the first floor, all of which are visually differentiated, yet concurrently blended together.

render_5 - Photo (1).jpg
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render_2 - Photo (1).jpg
dates and nuts render-14.05.2021 (1).jpg
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