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Backyard garden

Area – 2,500 sq.ft ​A private backyard garden  accessorized after the cozy gardens of Spain, with lush greenery, brick walkways , vertical green walls, shaded seating areas all blending beautifully with the landscape.​The design follows a simple layout of a peripheral walking track with concentric rings comprising of a boundary of plantation. The central area is made of lawn with organic undulations intentionally placed to break any sense of monotony. The existing house staircase is integrated into the design by adding a sit-out area overlooking the backyard garden.​The family space located at the corner of the walking track, has a beautiful view of the house along with the rich green garden originating from it. The wall opposite the house is also incorporated into the design by transforming the solid wall into an enormous piece of art with mock European window frames and door frames placed on the wall replicating a Spanish residential façade which goes well with the rest of the design.​

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