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Clubhouse Exterior Final View - 4.jpg

The Earth Club

Perched majestically over the villas, the Clubhouse emerges as an icon within the community by seamlessly blending joyous earthy tones with the rhythmic vernacular of surrounding villas. At dusk, it transforms into a guiding beacon, symbolically illuminating the way forward. The architectural form, sculpted by the angular tilt of a cubical mass, distinguishes the structure as a striking centerpiece amidst its surroundings. The waiting lobby is enveloped in warm tones and welcoming wooden furnishings, offering comfort and connection at every corner. The banquet hall is dressed in sophisticated beige and brown hues, where niche lighting delicately accentuates textured walls. The co-working space, anchored by terracotta flooring and versatile furniture arrangements nurtured a sense of community and creativity. The creche invites with its serene, cool-colored interior and soft wooden floors, adorned with artistic window grills that filter sunlight in captivating patterns letting children spend long hours in the bubble of curiosity. The energizing and motivating ambiance of the gym, promotes health and wellness.

Clubhouse Exterior Final View - 4.jpg
Clubhouse Exterior Final View - 1.jpg
Clubhouse Exterior Final View - 3.jpg
GF and Lounge Final View - 1.jpg
GF and Lounge Final View - 2.jpg
Banquet Hall Final View - 2.png
Banquet Hall Final View - 1.png
Banquet Hall Final View - 3.png
Co Working Final View - 2.png
Co Working Final View - 1.png
Gym Final View - 2.jpg
Gym Final View - 1.jpg
Creche Final View - 1.jpg
Yoga Final View - 1.png
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