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Open air theatre
Rathinam group of Institutions

AREA - 22,000 sq.ft​"The 3 circles in the Rathinam represent the 3 facets of education, industry and living, all coinciding and co-existing together as the pillars of an uplifted society." - This core value of the client's logo was translated into the design of the Open-Air Theatre at Rathinam College, Coimbatore.​The design of the open-air theatre involves 3 circular amphitheaters - one rising up from a subterranean level to the existing ground level from which the other two rises up and reach the first-floor level of two proposed buildings where a huge open corridor is created, over-looking the college's entire central courtyard and main entrance. The 3 amphitheaters can seat between 350 to 400 people separately, giving a combined total capacity of 1050 - 1250 seats allowing both independent and combined unitary functionality. The color scheme of the 3 theatres follows the brand logo, visually bringing the values, sewn into the logo, to life.​Mounds of lush greenery is melded mellifluously with the 3 amphitheaters, creating a fluidic form blending in with the rigid blocks that form the boundary of the central vista. Curving cobble-stone pathways and unobstructed open views add to the unique aesthetics of the OAT design.

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